The Secret

Its late at night and I cant sleep. Normally I am a wonderful sleeper, falling fast asleep quickly and never awaking until my alarm goes blaring in the morning. Tonight for some reason I sit here wide awake (wishing I could sleep as 4am comes much too quickly) and my mind is spinning.

Im not worrying or thinking of anything in particular which would be first thought for this situation im in, but my mind is racing about all things; business, family, friends, to-do lists and it wont stop. Tonight though, I don’t mind as all of the thoughts consuming me are positive ones. Nothing negative in my life to think about and for that, I am thankful.

I am a firm believer in the power of attraction. There are many books on it, the one that I first read was The Secret. The book came out into my first year of competing and changed my life completely. Some people think its hoaky but I don’t mind, it works for me! I am a naturally positive person but this belief has helped me to take my positivity even further. If I want something, I imagine it actually happening….what it looks like, what it feels like…I picture myself living what I want. Now hard work also plays a role here but there’s nothing like a little positive belief to help the stars align.

There are times when I get frustrated and I’ll stop myself and take a look at the past couple of days. What had my thoughts been and how had I been feeling? Most often than not I find myself in a negative state and it continues to attract negative attention to me. As soon as I realize this and make a conscious effort to switch back to positivity, things start to look up.

After my Glutes cover was released, something hit me that I had completely forgotten about. When I first read The Secret, it suggests that you create a board filled with all of the things you want most (keep in mind this was about 6 years ago while I was still attending university and living at home with my mom), the things I put on that board were; a dog, a house, a yellow rose, and an Oxygen cover….but not just any Oxygen cover, I just so happened to have their newest Glutes Special on hand and that is what was up on my board. I no longer have that board but when I remembered about it I was in shock. It seems as though all of those dreams have come true to me….I have 2 dogs, a beautiful home, roses growing in my backyard (which I did not plant) and a Glutes cover. I cant claim that I have been consciously working towards this specific board however subconsciously I continued trucking away at all of the things I wanted. Its like a horse with blinders on, I just set to my path and went for it. Now look at where I have landed.

Now its time for me to create another board. My mother asked me if my next goal was to have babies and become a domestic engineer. Funny thing is, I definitely want those things however Im not willing to give up just yet. I always thought my Oxygen cover would be the end-all for me. The spot in my life where I would feel fulfilled within the fitness industry but no, its left me wanting more. I feel like I just got my foot in the door and Im coming for more.

My new board will be my project over the next couple of weeks and this time, lets document it and see where this wonderful path of life leads me…..

Stay positive. Believe you will reach your goals. Imagine it a reality because dreams really do come true.

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