Day 1 of my first-ever cleanse

What inspired me to try this cleanse comes from a combination of things. One being that in my profession, I see many women who struggle with weight loss. Sometimes the women struggling are doing the right thing but their bodies wont respond. This particular cleanse claims to “re-set” the body and especially its liver and kidney function which is responsible for filtering out the toxins. Another reason is because I am often asked about cleanses by clients and figured I should try one personally before ever talking about them. Finally, I saw some amazing results with my own eyes; I had a client who struggled beyond belief to drop pounds and the scale would never budge….now 18+lbs down, she is a strong believer in this product…and I HAD to try it to believe it for myself.

After a long summer, I am sitting about 5lbs above where I would like to be for my off-season weight, but I also have a photo-shoot coming up next month which I would love to be lean for. My goal for this month is to lose 6-8lbs.

This particular cleanse comes with the option for a 9day cleanse or a 30 day cleanse and I have chosen the 30 day, so follow my journey here to see what all the hype is around Isagenix.

Day 1 & 2 are pre-cleansing days. Consisting of 2 shakes, many of the Isagenix snacks and one meal of lean protein and vegetables. I will say right off the bat that I do not plan on following the cleanse 100% as I do not have far to go in terms of changes, but I have prepared a few healthy and neutral snacks that follow the general idea of the program including; celery and natural almond butter, hard boiled eggs, apples, and a tomato & avacado salad, as well as an abundance of chicken breasts and fish. I have all of this prepared and portioned in my fridge, a VERY important step to following any type of eating program.

From this cleanse, I hope to lean out somewhat but most importantly I am looking for health. I have followed so many meal plans that always leave me feeling extremely drained and my skin not looking so healthy, so now Im looking for a way to lose and maintain body weight while keeping energy levels high and my skin, nails and hair strong and healthy.

Starting this morning, I was feeling crampy and gassy (shh!) from eating bad food while away this past weekend. I began the program spot-on from 8am, where I took ‘before’ pics and measurements as meal 1. I cant say its magical and I felt better immediately but I definitely felt full and had to sip on my shake very slowly to finish. I actually felt full all day long without taking in many calories at all. My energy levels were through the roof as well and I felt great UNTIL I went to workout. My workouts consist of very high intensity circuit training and with the limited calories, my body hit exhaustion much sooner than normal and I felt quite sluggish afterwards for a few hours. For the next few days I will definitely tone down my workouts as my body adjusts.

Aside from the workout brickwall, I have felt great all day. No bloating, no # 2′s like most cleanses, satiety and high spirits. Im off to a good start!

Stay tuned for weight loss and more details to come!

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