Day 4 of Gluten Free + New Supp!

Hey All!

For those of you who have not yet read below, I am trying to go gluten free for 2 weeks and am documenting the changes on my body (read below for reasons as to why).

So I am coming to the end of Day 4 and to be completely honest I feel physically fabulous. I am exhausted but there are other factors to account for in that respect. I am down 6lbs on the scale. Let me be VERY clear, this is not body fat loss in this short amount of time (I need to point out that I am following my normal training routine of 4-5 circuit-style workouts each week and eating clean, not competition style). My bloat and all water retention is gonezoes. I woke up this morning feeling fabulous about my nice flat stomach that has been slightly rounded since I developed this “condition” I am trying to find!

I have gone out to eat twice now (not a usual occurrence but needed some gossip time with my girls). At first I was nervous I would have a hard time finding something to order, and that I wouldnt be able to order anything yummy but to my surprise, there were gluten free options printed on both menus (even the Pancake House had gluten free pancakes)!!

Another good finding has also occurred from all of this. I had a slight suspicion that my inner ear itching may have been a reaction to wine but I had wine the other night (with no gluten in my meal) and had zero reaction. Phew!

In addition to the gluten free I have began to take a few supplements religiously which are obviously also playing a huge role in my results; All Allmax femme products, multi-vit, CLA, Rapidcuts, BCAA AminoCore.

I was also in Muscles by Meyers today and Dave Clow (who has been trying to convince me to add a bit of muscle to my frame) suggested that I add a creatine to my regime so I will begin that tomorrow and we will see how my body really transpires!

Now run off to train and enjoy some good Halloween fun!

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