Guess what? Summer is long gone…

Just the other day I was driving home and thinking to myself, ‘man I have to break these summer habits and get back on track with clean eating’ and I was quite ok with that until I realized it is the end of October! Now dealing with the fact that these so-called summer habits had in fact become lifestyle habits and that, was not ok! Sound familiar?

Luckily for me I had kept up with my workouts so my body had changed for the worse (more than likely only noticeable to the untrained eye), but to me this was devastating and I would even wear a shirt to bed! Now many people will say “oh please, you still look fit….” but think about it this way, we are all used to our own bodies and when that changes, it is a big deal to us and it is foreign to what we know. If a 300lb person gains 50lbs, it will be a big deal to them. If a 200lb person gains 25lbs, it will be a big deal to them. If a 100lb person gains 16lbs, it will be a big deal to them. Any change in YOUR body is a big deal to YOU.

I decided that Monday (yesterday) would be the start of breaking these habits, nothing foreign to me to eat clean and train hard but its always hard to break habits. I decided to add to my Monday goal however. I have been suffering from some pretty severe stomach problems for the past little while. The bloating has been there for years but the pain and other symptoms throughout my body have been worsening for about 1 full year. I have been to doctors, a naturopath, an ultrasound and am currently waiting to see a gastro specialist (in Feb!) but I have decided to take things into my own hands and see if I can solve the problem. I am going gluten free for 2 weeks and will be documenting my symptoms along the way. I have tried to fight this as it seems to be such a trend at the moment but after much research I have discovered there are varying forms of adverse reactions to gluten and some cannot even be determined by the typical blood tests done for celiac disease; sensitivity, intolerance, allergy, celiac. I would guess that I am not celiac as my symptoms do not seem to be as severe and seem to be more of an allergy form; itchy inner ear, tension headaches, severe bloat and often cramping, random stuffiness and more.

Now I do not know enough about gluten and its causes just yet however I do know that my mother is right on the verge of having celiac disease and while she does not suffer from the stomach symptoms, her body is not absorbing calcium (which celiac disease can cause by breaking down the intestinal villi) and she has been diagnosed with osteoperosis in her early 50′s, the same for my grandmother. This is mainly why I cannot sit back and wait for this specialist appointment. If this is the case for me, I need to change the cycle!

So far so good however I am finding it hard to cheat on my clean eating without gluten! LOL.

I have set some goals for myself in order to stick to this for a full 2 weeks as having oats for breakfast is quite a habit for me!

-take 1 Allmax Rapidcuts, 1 Allmax CLA , 1 Allmax femme multivitamin each morning (to help aid in fat loss)

-1 scoop Allmax aminocore during each workout (to ensure I get the best workout possible)

-do a circuit style workout each day (preferably morning)

-ensure protein at each meal

-keep prepped clean eats at home

-bring more than enough clean eats with me when away from home

-eliminate all gluten and processed foods

I was down 2lbs in a matter of 24 hours and of course this is not body fat but my bloating is slowly disappearing….this could get interesting!


Stay tuned as I will follow up! Why dont you join me on my journey back to clean eating? Set some goals for yourself and we will do this together!!

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