Testimonial from an inspiring client!

In Oct. 2010 I became a Mom and all the wonders and glories of motherhood became my life, including the body that one is left with after carrying a baby.  In January, when my son was 12 weeks old, I felt ready to begin returning to my former self.  I had hoped to get in shape so I could have my confidence back, feel energized and healthy and because I suddenly had the best motivation ever to stay healthy and live a long life.  My son became my motivation to be healthy for myself and to model an active healthy lifestyle for him.  Thus began my search for a trainer and program that worked for me.

I met Ainsley at Revive Fitness in Sage Creek on January 4th, 2011 and on January 5th I had my first workout!  There was no time to ponder or procrastinate.  I was a member of Revive Fitness.  I attended Ainsley’s circuit class three times a week and joined her accountability program.  I was shocked at the terrible condition my body was in and the work I had ahead.  There were many days when I thought I couldn’t do it, but I could and I did!  Ainsley was a constant support and positive motivator every step of the way towards my health goals.  After three months I had lost pounds and inches and gained self-confidence and energy, but I wasn’t done there.

I continued with the accountability program for a few more months because I knew that I was changing a lifestyle not just trying to lose a few pounds.  In May I ran my first ever 5 Km run, not much for many but a huge accomplishment for me.  I never would have realized my ability to attain this goal had Ainsley not encouraged and motivated me to believe in myself.  By September Ainsley saw potential in me that I never would have seen or been brave enough to even consider.  I joined MABBA and began training for my first ever Figure Competition.  I will never forget the day that Ainsley sat me down at the computer and showed me unedited pictures of competitors.  Turns out life doesn’t end because of stretch marks, and people can still be proud of their bodies even with these souvenirs of pregnancy or weight gain.  Beyond helping me make the decision to compete Ainsley healed a part of my self and body image that day and I am forever thankful for that.

Ainsley didn’t have to take that extra step, and so many extra steps; accommodating a new mom’s schedule and then a working mom’s schedule, reviewing meals and coaching every step of the way, but she did.  Because Ainsley, and her team, are so devoted and professional, I have made a lifestyle change.  I feel great, much more confident, have way more energy and sleep much better at night, but most importantly I can keep up with my son and am modelling and setting him up for a healthy lifestyle.  Because Ainsley took the time to get to know me and train me in a way that matched my body, my goals and my life and schedule, I have made a significant lifestyle change that will be maintainable.

Thank you Ainsley.  I look forward to many more years training with you.”


Things like this brings tears to my eyes. Sometimes I dont even realize how much I help to change peoples lives (its just what I do) and it is beyond rewarding!

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