There is NO off-season

We’ve all seen it….you admire a ‘fitness model’ from afar for her beautiful photos, her fitness titles, possibly even her magazine appearances. You think she is strong and admire her discipline and wish you could be just like her when one day you see her in person and you have to double-take….”is that who I think it is?” She looks nothing like her photos, possibly in worse shape than you currently are and to think, you have been beating yourself up over not being able to maintain this surreal physique in your day-to-day life. To make matters worse, she is most likely a “trainer” and teaching others healthy lifestyles….quite contradictory if I might say.

I cannot say that I have NEVER been a culprit to such ups and downs however I learned quickly and have never looked back. This is not to say that I do not enjoy a good burger and fries every now and then, but I also know the meaning of balance.

It is for this very reason that I will say time and time again, do not see things in an on/off-season perspective. This leads you to believe you are free of your vigorous training, strong will and disciplined diet when the truth is, all you free yourself of, is your health, fitness level and beloved physique that you have put hours of work into. IS IT WORTH IT? hardly. Are those few bites of deliciousness worth the stomach ache and bloat? Not likely.

I strongly believe that a happy and healthy life consists of the right balance. Find something that works for YOU. In my home, we eat clean all week long and while we do not designate weekends for a cheat per se, we will go out for a nice meal or have something we typically wouldnt have. While this routine may not work for everyone, it works for me as I am a creature of habit and like consistency. I cook clean eating recipes each night for dinner, always trying something new. This keeps things healthy, fun and adds variety!

Try to see things as a healthy lifestyle. You are a fit and healthy person regardless of the time of year. Yes, you will have to tighten the ropes to step on stage, but you should not have to lose 20 (or more) pounds to get there.  In my opinion, as a titled fitness competitor or model, or even worse yet a personal trainer,  is your ‘duty’ if you will, to live the life and walk the walk.


Dont be too hard on yourself. No one lives a perfect life however like I said, find balance. If you know a tough weekend is coming up, train/diet harder prior to. Once you form the habits, its really not hard. Its the change to get there that is the hard part. Know there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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