How to stay on track through the summer months

As Manitobans, we treasure our beloved summer months knowing the severe winters are upon us. We all flock to pools, lakes, patios, etc to get our Vit D fixes but many of us also find ourselves getting “fixes” of other things as well; beer, sangria, BBQ, ice cream….are these the things that truly signify summer or are they merely mindless summer acts we have all become accustomed to?

I tweeted not too long ago ( ) ” What is your favorite non-food, non-drinking-related summer activity in Winnipeg?” I got ONE reply so I began to look a little closer at what those around me do to enjoy summer. I saw meals on patios, drinks on patios, beer and chip-packed coolers for the beach, BBQ’s consisting of junk…. basically every single activity led to food and alcohol. I for one, am frustrated. I have spent the past 6 years on/off dieting and all I want is to maintain but being surrounded with such habits is making things very difficult without having to feel like Im dieting again.

So I have decided to help not only Winnipeggers but everyone to keep their hard-earned health and physique’s this summer. First and foremost, be sure to get your workouts in each morning (There is nothing worse (IMO) than working out on a hot summer evening after spending hours in the sun). Be sure to have healthy meals prepped. And last but not least, dont be afraid to take control and plan something a little out of the ordinary with friends and family.

Here are some fun summer activities;

1.) Adrenaline Adventures (obstacle course, ziplining, xorbing, wake-boarding….all within minutes of your home

2.) Amaze in Corn (they also offer ziplining)

3.) Mini golf

4.) Grand Prix amusements (go-carts, batting cages, etc)

5.) Host a BBQ with yard games (and make clean eats)

6.) Take the beloved little ones in your life to splash parks or wading pools

7.) Fun Mountain (always a good time no matter your age)

8.) Hiking (just because you dont own a cottage doesnt mean you cant have some fun!)

9.) Rollerblading

10.) Biking

Some final tips on how to enjoy these savored summer months without feeling like the ‘boring-dieting-party-pooper;’

-choose your battles and eat/drink on occasion, not just for something to do

-plan ahead; eat before you head out, bring snacks

-get your workout in regardless

-encourage friends to be active too (ie maybe playing a game instead of lying on the beach)

-always carry your water and sip throughout the day

-listen to your mind, not your stomach while ordering (if you can, decide what you want before arriving to a restaurant)

-when you do order a drink, remove the straw…you’ll drink a lot slower! And alternate with water


If you have other ideas, please post on my twitter or facebook ( ) as Id LOVE to hear your ideas!


Thanks for reading.


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