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June 22nd, 2012 Posted 7:22 pm

It seems to me like everything is just falling into place for me lately which leads me to believe that I am on the path that was designated for me in this life. I will blog about how my life “fell” together into this wonderful passion of mine in a later post but to get thing started, I want to touch on a few things that have been going on for the past 2 years.
2 years ago, I was literally working my butt off personal training between 5 different gyms. I would often work 14hour days just to please every client, never wanting to turn any one away. Obviously I was quickly burning out and needed a solution fast! With much convincing, my boyfriend helped me believe that I could open my own business and I got started on my business plan immediately.

In December 2010 I opened my very own studio, Revive Fitness and business has been thriving ever since! We are currently preparing the opening of our second location that will be located inside a brand new Holiday Inn Hotel and I cannot wait! I also teamed up with a Figure Coach this year and we created our very own competition team out of Revive, Team J.A.C.T (Jennifer & Ainsley’s Complete Training). We train women of all ages, shapes and sizes to reach their goals of getting on stage, infront of a camera and simply just to feel better about themselves.

Personally, I have not stepped on stage since March 2011 and while I miss it, I am finding that putting my energies elsewhere is starting to pay off! Since my last competition, I have been featured inside 3 Oxygen issues, 2 Inside Fitness issues, Reps! issue, I have shot for MuscleMag and am awaiting publication, I signed a sponsorship with Allmax Nutrition, and I have just been awarded my very first Oxygen cover!!! The issue is set to hit stands on July 3rd (Glutes Special)!

When I first set out on my journey to hit the stage, all I remember thinking was that I wanted to be the next Oxygen cover model. Of course I wanted to win the show (and each one after) but my end goal out of all of it was to be on the cover. There were times when I was ready to give up, when I got little bits of hope that went no where, and there were also times when I was more motivated than ever and pushed myself more and more. When I finally got that email asking to go and shoot for Oxygen, there were literally tears streaming down my face…tears of joy I could not contain! For me, gracing the cover is achievement of a goal that I set for myself in 2006, which seems like forever ago. But this cover is also much more for me. As a competitor you must be strong enough to take criticism on your body and one thing I was always criticized on was my glutes. I was even told in January 2012 to “work my booty harder because it needs to have more shape.” Now dont get me wrong, I did not lose confidence over this as a stage booty and an everyday booty are two different things. I actually loved my booty the way it was, but wanted to reach those goals so I worked harder and harder each time I was criticized. When I arrived at my Oxygen shoot, to my surprise, the editor-in-chief ¬†asked me to return the following day for Glutes shots! I was very confused and told her, “thats my weak spot, what do you mean?” She looked at me and said “well honey, you fixed it! That takes a lot of hard work. See you in the morning.” That night in the hotel, I could not sleep (and I am the queen of sleep), I was lying in the dark with tears of joy, achievement and pride streaming down my face. This cover means the world to me and is a milestone in my life that I will never forget.

To me, all of my recent success signifies the rewards of hard work so I am going to keep trucking and pushing and see what I can achieve next.


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