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OMG 10 days to TOSCA!!!

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October 25th, 2011 Posted 7:23 pm

Wow, so Im sitting here at home doing a bunch of work and I think it just hit me….I will be hosting Tosca Reno and Robert Kennedy in Winnipeg in only 10 days! Oh man, I cant wait. She is a truly amazing woman, and Robert is amazing too!

Make sure you get your tickets to see this amazing and powerful couple in person, ask some questions, and learn all of their lifestyle tricks!

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Post Isagenix

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October 25th, 2011 Posted 7:20 pm

So my cleanse is long over and to be completely honest, I am feeling really crappy….tired, run-down, some bloating. If I had my choice I would have continued on Isagenix products, not the cleanse of course, but there are many options designed to help you maintain weight (or continue losing) that taste delicious and are so nutritious! The only reason I did not continue, is because I am beginning to train for the Arnolds 2012 and it will take some time and practice to incorporate the Isagenix products into contest training, which I dont have time for right now.

On another note, there are some exciting things brewing up over here so stay tuned and I’ll be posting the news asap!

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“9 day” is OVER. Final Results are in!

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October 4th, 2011 Posted 2:12 pm

First off, Id like to thank you all for following me on my journey! To avoid any confusion, Id like to explain how this all works with the 9/30 days. Isagenix offers a 9 day cleanse (which is technically 11 days) and a 30 day cleanse, which I ordered. In both, the initial 11 days are identical so I am blogging this as if I was doing the 9 day for those of you who choose to do so, and I will continue on with the cleanse until my shoot is over next week (my 9 day got spread out a little and shoot moved up so will not be total 30 days in the end). I also would like to mention that I am going to continue using these products in my everyday life as I feel so healthy, have been able to maintain weight through some rough patches (referring to 3 dinner plans in a row last week! LOL), and its also easy to prepare.

Throughout this entire process, my energy levels have been higher than ever. I have always crashed in the afternoon and needed a cat-nap and now, I can hardly nap when I try! My skin is looking healthier and my nails are hard and strong…all while continuing to lean out! This to me is amazing since typical dieting has led me to exhausted days, breakouts and brittle nails. I can confidently say that I feel 100% ready for my shoot, and Im a full week away! This has been the easiest ‘lean-out’ I have done to date. Never feeling hungry, never craving, never giving in.

As far as my workouts…they have been great! I toned down the intensity at the beginning of the cleanse in order for my body to adjust and have increased the intensity slightly as I went along. Typically I did high rep weight training at the gym and was sure to walk my dogs for minimum 30 minutes each day at a brisk pace (dont worry, my dogs dont suffer, I have help! LOL).

AND NOW….FOR THE NUMBERS….This morning I weighed in at 118.4lbs (along with a visit from Aunt Flow…this is important when it comes to weight!). To be honest, the last time I weighed this much, I was preparing to head off to compete at the Arnold Classic. Crazy! I would assume that without my monthly visitor, my actual weight would be near 117.5lbs at most. My measurements have not changed since last time, mainly due to the fact that there’s not much more to move!

I have been extremely happy with the Isagenix product line and as mentioned above, will continue to integrate them into my daily life. I feel healthy, energetic and am looking tight, lean and “tiny” as I was told today!

I will be posting before, after, and shoot pictures for you all to see the results visually!

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The body is an amazing thing

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October 2nd, 2011 Posted 4:44 pm

So I should have completed my cleanse by now but for social reasons (including my bf’s birthday I could not postpone 2yrs in a row), I have pushed back my 2 deep cleanse days. I ended up having 3 dinner plans in a row! Normally if I was preparing for a competition, I would have brought my own food to these outings but for this photoshoot, I was not willing to sacrifice my social life. I went out for dinner on Thursday and had a lamb entree, had a potluck on Friday with my girls and had a family dinner on Saturday. There was no way around it. I kept up with my regular shake days throughout the day prior to heading to dinner and much to my surprise, was only 121lbs this morning! This means that the Isagenix is actually helping my body efficiently metabolize foods and keeping my metabolic rate running high!

I began my final deep cleanse days this morning and the complete results will be in by Tuesday morning so stay tuned for final weigh in and measurements!

I feel healthy, energetic and fabulous!

On another note, I went to see my Athletic Therapist on Friday since my shoulders were completely out of line, left sitting much higher than the right. This man, is amazing with the body. First thing he asked me was if I was having digestion problems and I thought about the morning bloating I had been feeling (I was blaming it on the cleanse). He said that my pelvis was stuck in a tilted position, creating a larger arch in my lower back than normal. Then further explained that when this happens, it creates a ‘hump’ for my digestive system to push the food over while lying down, therefore creating my morning bloated feelings! With much manipulation, things began to release.  I could feel my lower abdomen releasing and my lower back falling slowly towards to table as I lied there, and the most amazing thing…my stomach started gurgling immediately! WOW!

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