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5th day of the cleansing process

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September 24th, 2011 Posted 3:01 pm

Ok guys, I am half way through the 5th day and have been feeling amazing this entire time. My energy levels have been up each and every day, and I have noticed my hair and skin perking up a little (however somewhat skeptical…wondering if that is only because I have not been putting crap into my body?). Either way, my body is feeling healthy and LEAN!

The first day, I weighed myself but there was a little miscommunication from my scale. It read 128.5lbs and also 125.5lbs. If you have ever trained with me, you will know that I am not a fan of scales and weight due to its major fluctuations and variables so of course, I took my measurements too.

So far, I have done 2 pre-cleansing days, in which I mentioned in the previous blog. After that I completed 2 deep-cleansing days that consisted of 4 cleansing drinks and 8 Isagenix snacks throughout the day. The idea of the deep cleanse is to not eat any outside food but I listened to my slight hunger pangs and had a few very neutral and clean snacks as needed. Again, my energy was so high throughout this entire process.

One thing I do notice however, is that I am not able to fall asleep as quickly as normal, but still get a good nights sleep. I typically fall asleep within 3minutes of my head hitting the pillow, BUT have also read that if you fall asleep within 5 minutes, you are too exhausted. Therefore Im thinking that maybe my body is just receiving all of the minerals and nutrients it needs for efficient functioning, leaving me less tired overall?

And now to what you’ve all been waiting for…the results!

Todays weight: 120lbs (started at 125.5 or 128.5) = 5.5 (or 8.5lbs)!

Inches lost: .25” in waist, .75″ in hips, 1.25″ in thigh = 2.25″ in total!

Now, just a few notes on how I actually LOOK. I do look leaner and smaller overall  BUT I do not look as tight and as hard as I normally would at this weight after competition diets. I am not sure if this is because I have not been training nearly as hard, or is it because my weight loss was so quick that my skin has not yet tightened along with it? Im not sure, but I will definitely keep you posted on all of this (pictures to come!). Hoping for this to be the next step. Either way, in 5 days, I am pretty much where I need to be for my shoot. Amazing!

Thus far in the cleanse, I am very happy with the results, lack of cravings, energy and satiety. Stay tuned for my final results, as Im now 3 weeks away from my shoot!

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Tosca Reno coming to Winnipeg!

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September 20th, 2011 Posted 8:42 pm

On behalf of Revive Fitness &, Tosca Reno will be hosting a Clean Eating seminar in Winnipeg! We are very excited to present such an amazing and inspiring speaker to all of Winnipeggers and surrounding!

When: November 6th 2011

Where: Victoria Inn, 1808 Wellington Cres, Wpg, MB

Time: 1pm-5pm

Get your tickets NOW at

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Day 1 of my first-ever cleanse

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September 20th, 2011 Posted 8:39 pm

What inspired me to try this cleanse comes from a combination of things. One being that in my profession, I see many women who struggle with weight loss. Sometimes the women struggling are doing the right thing but their bodies wont respond. This particular cleanse claims to “re-set” the body and especially its liver and kidney function which is responsible for filtering out the toxins. Another reason is because I am often asked about cleanses by clients and figured I should try one personally before ever talking about them. Finally, I saw some amazing results with my own eyes; I had a client who struggled beyond belief to drop pounds and the scale would never budge….now 18+lbs down, she is a strong believer in this product…and I HAD to try it to believe it for myself.

After a long summer, I am sitting about 5lbs above where I would like to be for my off-season weight, but I also have a photo-shoot coming up next month which I would love to be lean for. My goal for this month is to lose 6-8lbs.

This particular cleanse comes with the option for a 9day cleanse or a 30 day cleanse and I have chosen the 30 day, so follow my journey here to see what all the hype is around Isagenix.

Day 1 & 2 are pre-cleansing days. Consisting of 2 shakes, many of the Isagenix snacks and one meal of lean protein and vegetables. I will say right off the bat that I do not plan on following the cleanse 100% as I do not have far to go in terms of changes, but I have prepared a few healthy and neutral snacks that follow the general idea of the program including; celery and natural almond butter, hard boiled eggs, apples, and a tomato & avacado salad, as well as an abundance of chicken breasts and fish. I have all of this prepared and portioned in my fridge, a VERY important step to following any type of eating program.

From this cleanse, I hope to lean out somewhat but most importantly I am looking for health. I have followed so many meal plans that always leave me feeling extremely drained and my skin not looking so healthy, so now Im looking for a way to lose and maintain body weight while keeping energy levels high and my skin, nails and hair strong and healthy.

Starting this morning, I was feeling crampy and gassy (shh!) from eating bad food while away this past weekend. I began the program spot-on from 8am, where I took ‘before’ pics and measurements as meal 1. I cant say its magical and I felt better immediately but I definitely felt full and had to sip on my shake very slowly to finish. I actually felt full all day long without taking in many calories at all. My energy levels were through the roof as well and I felt great UNTIL I went to workout. My workouts consist of very high intensity circuit training and with the limited calories, my body hit exhaustion much sooner than normal and I felt quite sluggish afterwards for a few hours. For the next few days I will definitely tone down my workouts as my body adjusts.

Aside from the workout brickwall, I have felt great all day. No bloating, no # 2′s like most cleanses, satiety and high spirits. Im off to a good start!

Stay tuned for weight loss and more details to come!

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