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I DONT LIVE ON CHICKEN. The truth about how to stay lean.

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February 3rd, 2013 Posted 4:32 pm

I cleaned up my diet starting one week ago today in order to tighten up for the Arnold Classic where I am honored to be representing my amazing sponsor, Allmax Nutrition. Now, I do not need to be in stage shape for this event however I want to be lean, tight and toned. After 7 days, I am happy with my look (of course I will continue to make progress because I am a perfectionist and because I have the time). Yes, after 7 days I am ready to go to the Arnolds.

I know many of you think that I live on chicken breasts and live an unrealistic lifestyle but I am here today to tell you the truth. I DONT. I live a balanced and active lifestyle that you can too. I wont say its easy but with a lifestyle change and breaking some poor habits, it becomes thoughtless.

I have not competed in 2 years yet I keep myself within at least 10lbs of my last competition weight without even thinking about it because I have developed a lifestyle that works, and that is balanced. When I train, I train HARD, when I eat regularly I eat CLEAN and when I want to eat something “bad” for me, I eat it with pride.

Lets take a look at the components of my lifestyle;

Each week, I train 3-5times but I ensure that each workout counts. That means working as hard as I can each time I hit the gym. I typically do circuit training to hit full body while incorporating HIIT at the same time. I find this style of training to be the most efficient for maintaining my physique (if you are looking to put on muscle, add some plyos into your rest times, keep that heart rate up). Create a no-fail schedule for yourself. If you have kids, find a way to train while they are asleep or at an activity. It IS possible, you just have to make it work. Schedule your workouts INTO your day, not after your day.

I have created a habit of packing my food and eating regularly. Each time I leave the house I know part of my getting-ready routine is to pack food, and throughout the day I have trained myself to eat small meals every couple of hours without thought. (you can start by setting an alarm or reminder on your phone every 2-3 hours, it will soon become habit).

Cook in bulk. If you make one healthy meal (or moms who make meals for your kids), why not make it in a mass amount for the next few days? You are making it anyways, be efficient. Right now in my fridge; a tub of cooked chicken, a tub of clean meatballs, small tub of cooked sweet potato, small tub of roasted broccoli & broiled asparagus, small tub of salmon, natural almond butter, apples. In my pantry; multiple flavors of Isoflex protein, Cytogreens supplement (Im not a veggie person), oats, almonds, prunes (to keep the track moving). This way I can grab and go. Easy.

Water intake. Get used to carrying around a water bottle (preferably 1L or larger). Keep it full and close by such as on your desk, in your purse, beside you in the car. In no time you will create the habit of continually drinking water.

Make yourself accountable to someone. Each day I feel accountable to my clients. I am their trainer and I need to be setting a good example for them. For the rest of you, tell a few people what your plan is. Who likes to be the person who couldnt follow through? Not me, no way. You can even go as far as hiring a trainer who offers an accountability package (ie myself or anyone else at Revive Fitness). We schedule bi-weekly times where you come in for an assessment, give you a meal plan and can add a workout program…how much more accountability do you need than that?

You dont have to be perfect. On average I would say that I eat out at a restaurant 2x/week and I order whatever the heck I want, and enjoy it too. BUT I can do that because of all of the things listed above. It doesnt work quite the same if you arent eating clean or training regularly. If you slip up and have something you arent “supposed to” so what, get back on track and carry on. The worst thing you can do is to let it continue on, then you will be completely off track. Get back to clean eats with your next meal and go about your day.

Keep an eye on your LOOK, not your WEIGHT. Find a pair of pants that fit tightly or just right and use that as a gauge. Weight varies up and down, and your body composition can change without your weight changing drastically (or it may even go up). No one cares about a number on the scale, what matters is how you feel inside and about the way your body looks…lets be honest. Personally I have one spot on my body I use as my gauge, if it changes, well I will tighten up my diet for the week, get back on track and carry on.

You’re tired? Well guess what, almost everyone else around you is too. Big whoop. Deep down you know you will feel better after training and eating clean. Dont succumb to cravings or little excuses like this, power through it. You are strong arent you?

There are a million excuses in the book but at the end of the day, it comes down to how strong you can be. Pushing through the adjustment period will be the hardest part, know that, expect it, embrace it and get through it. Unfortunately it is a myth that a habit is formed after 21 days, researchers now say it takes 66 days but that doesnt mean it wont become routine before then.

Sit back and mentally take a look at your week…do you have a lunch meeting, a party or some other social function that week? Well save your ‘cheats’ for then. Dont waste your ‘cheats’ or extra calories on nonsense (ie when you are alone, on the run, glass of wine each night…those are habits, not necessity), use them when you can really enjoy them…with friends and family.

Im not trying to say this is the easiest thing in the world. It has taken me some time to learn this too. But trust me, once its learned, its easy and it feels good!




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Day 4 of Gluten Free + New Supp!

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October 25th, 2012 Posted 5:52 pm

Hey All!

For those of you who have not yet read below, I am trying to go gluten free for 2 weeks and am documenting the changes on my body (read below for reasons as to why).

So I am coming to the end of Day 4 and to be completely honest I feel physically fabulous. I am exhausted but there are other factors to account for in that respect. I am down 6lbs on the scale. Let me be VERY clear, this is not body fat loss in this short amount of time (I need to point out that I am following my normal training routine of 4-5 circuit-style workouts each week and eating clean, not competition style). My bloat and all water retention is gonezoes. I woke up this morning feeling fabulous about my nice flat stomach that has been slightly rounded since I developed this “condition” I am trying to find!

I have gone out to eat twice now (not a usual occurrence but needed some gossip time with my girls). At first I was nervous I would have a hard time finding something to order, and that I wouldnt be able to order anything yummy but to my surprise, there were gluten free options printed on both menus (even the Pancake House had gluten free pancakes)!!

Another good finding has also occurred from all of this. I had a slight suspicion that my inner ear itching may have been a reaction to wine but I had wine the other night (with no gluten in my meal) and had zero reaction. Phew!

In addition to the gluten free I have began to take a few supplements religiously which are obviously also playing a huge role in my results; All Allmax femme products, multi-vit, CLA, Rapidcuts, BCAA AminoCore.

I was also in Muscles by Meyers today and Dave Clow (who has been trying to convince me to add a bit of muscle to my frame) suggested that I add a creatine to my regime so I will begin that tomorrow and we will see how my body really transpires!

Now run off to train and enjoy some good Halloween fun!

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Guess what? Summer is long gone…

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October 23rd, 2012 Posted 8:52 pm

Just the other day I was driving home and thinking to myself, ‘man I have to break these summer habits and get back on track with clean eating’ and I was quite ok with that until I realized it is the end of October! Now dealing with the fact that these so-called summer habits had in fact become lifestyle habits and that, was not ok! Sound familiar?

Luckily for me I had kept up with my workouts so my body had changed for the worse (more than likely only noticeable to the untrained eye), but to me this was devastating and I would even wear a shirt to bed! Now many people will say “oh please, you still look fit….” but think about it this way, we are all used to our own bodies and when that changes, it is a big deal to us and it is foreign to what we know. If a 300lb person gains 50lbs, it will be a big deal to them. If a 200lb person gains 25lbs, it will be a big deal to them. If a 100lb person gains 16lbs, it will be a big deal to them. Any change in YOUR body is a big deal to YOU.

I decided that Monday (yesterday) would be the start of breaking these habits, nothing foreign to me to eat clean and train hard but its always hard to break habits. I decided to add to my Monday goal however. I have been suffering from some pretty severe stomach problems for the past little while. The bloating has been there for years but the pain and other symptoms throughout my body have been worsening for about 1 full year. I have been to doctors, a naturopath, an ultrasound and am currently waiting to see a gastro specialist (in Feb!) but I have decided to take things into my own hands and see if I can solve the problem. I am going gluten free for 2 weeks and will be documenting my symptoms along the way. I have tried to fight this as it seems to be such a trend at the moment but after much research I have discovered there are varying forms of adverse reactions to gluten and some cannot even be determined by the typical blood tests done for celiac disease; sensitivity, intolerance, allergy, celiac. I would guess that I am not celiac as my symptoms do not seem to be as severe and seem to be more of an allergy form; itchy inner ear, tension headaches, severe bloat and often cramping, random stuffiness and more.

Now I do not know enough about gluten and its causes just yet however I do know that my mother is right on the verge of having celiac disease and while she does not suffer from the stomach symptoms, her body is not absorbing calcium (which celiac disease can cause by breaking down the intestinal villi) and she has been diagnosed with osteoperosis in her early 50′s, the same for my grandmother. This is mainly why I cannot sit back and wait for this specialist appointment. If this is the case for me, I need to change the cycle!

So far so good however I am finding it hard to cheat on my clean eating without gluten! LOL.

I have set some goals for myself in order to stick to this for a full 2 weeks as having oats for breakfast is quite a habit for me!

-take 1 Allmax Rapidcuts, 1 Allmax CLA , 1 Allmax femme multivitamin each morning (to help aid in fat loss)

-1 scoop Allmax aminocore during each workout (to ensure I get the best workout possible)

-do a circuit style workout each day (preferably morning)

-ensure protein at each meal

-keep prepped clean eats at home

-bring more than enough clean eats with me when away from home

-eliminate all gluten and processed foods

I was down 2lbs in a matter of 24 hours and of course this is not body fat but my bloating is slowly disappearing….this could get interesting!


Stay tuned as I will follow up! Why dont you join me on my journey back to clean eating? Set some goals for yourself and we will do this together!!

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Dont Save the Best for Last

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October 4th, 2012 Posted 9:33 am

I’ve done it all my life…I scope out the best bites of a meal and systematically eat everything around them saving the best for last. Sounds slightly absurd putting it into words but so many of us do just that, sometimes without even realizing as the habit is so ingrained into our eating habits.

Once pointed out its easy to see why this would be such a bad habit. You are forcing yourself to over-eat just to enjoy those last few, and best bites of a portion.

Lets challenge ourselves starting today…every single meal you eat, eat the best bites FIRST! It will be interesting Im sure to see just how much food we leave on our plates.

Please email me your thoughts and findings, I am very interested!




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Dont get left behind like last year

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September 4th, 2012 Posted 2:46 pm

So your fitness program fell off the wagon this summer along with your diet. No big deal, you have plans to get back into the swing of things once September hits.

Now its September and you are so busy with work, kids going back to school, activities starting….you just dont have the time!

Before you know it, it will be December and once again, you will be too busy with parties and drinks and meals…you have yet to “get back into the swing of things” and December is never the time to start.

Oh the January New Years Resolution will then come along. Maybe you sign up for something at this time but you are left feeling discouraged because you cant do some of the things you were doing last time you worked out…..oh, wait that was last spring, wow time has flown by….

Does this sound familiar? Dont walk yourself down this vicious cycle and lose all that you had worked for previously. As a mother, a career-woman, a housewife…however you spend your time, personal time is always important. Make an effort to find yourself an hour a few times a week to keep yourself in shape. Working out does not only have aesthetic appeal, the benefits go much deeper.

Even though you are busy, take 5 minutes out of your day to make a plan of action for yourself. Even if you just sign up for something that starts in October, at least you have a plan! (Also, many personal trainers will design a program for you to do in your own home even if you have zero equipment!)




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Testimonial from an inspiring client!

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August 29th, 2012 Posted 7:24 pm

In Oct. 2010 I became a Mom and all the wonders and glories of motherhood became my life, including the body that one is left with after carrying a baby.  In January, when my son was 12 weeks old, I felt ready to begin returning to my former self.  I had hoped to get in shape so I could have my confidence back, feel energized and healthy and because I suddenly had the best motivation ever to stay healthy and live a long life.  My son became my motivation to be healthy for myself and to model an active healthy lifestyle for him.  Thus began my search for a trainer and program that worked for me.

I met Ainsley at Revive Fitness in Sage Creek on January 4th, 2011 and on January 5th I had my first workout!  There was no time to ponder or procrastinate.  I was a member of Revive Fitness.  I attended Ainsley’s circuit class three times a week and joined her accountability program.  I was shocked at the terrible condition my body was in and the work I had ahead.  There were many days when I thought I couldn’t do it, but I could and I did!  Ainsley was a constant support and positive motivator every step of the way towards my health goals.  After three months I had lost pounds and inches and gained self-confidence and energy, but I wasn’t done there.

I continued with the accountability program for a few more months because I knew that I was changing a lifestyle not just trying to lose a few pounds.  In May I ran my first ever 5 Km run, not much for many but a huge accomplishment for me.  I never would have realized my ability to attain this goal had Ainsley not encouraged and motivated me to believe in myself.  By September Ainsley saw potential in me that I never would have seen or been brave enough to even consider.  I joined MABBA and began training for my first ever Figure Competition.  I will never forget the day that Ainsley sat me down at the computer and showed me unedited pictures of competitors.  Turns out life doesn’t end because of stretch marks, and people can still be proud of their bodies even with these souvenirs of pregnancy or weight gain.  Beyond helping me make the decision to compete Ainsley healed a part of my self and body image that day and I am forever thankful for that.

Ainsley didn’t have to take that extra step, and so many extra steps; accommodating a new mom’s schedule and then a working mom’s schedule, reviewing meals and coaching every step of the way, but she did.  Because Ainsley, and her team, are so devoted and professional, I have made a lifestyle change.  I feel great, much more confident, have way more energy and sleep much better at night, but most importantly I can keep up with my son and am modelling and setting him up for a healthy lifestyle.  Because Ainsley took the time to get to know me and train me in a way that matched my body, my goals and my life and schedule, I have made a significant lifestyle change that will be maintainable.

Thank you Ainsley.  I look forward to many more years training with you.”


Things like this brings tears to my eyes. Sometimes I dont even realize how much I help to change peoples lives (its just what I do) and it is beyond rewarding!

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When life gets in the way…..or does it?

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August 22nd, 2012 Posted 7:30 pm


The month of August has posed to be quite full of social events for me which is so out of the ordinary, I feel like Im 20 again! Summer is usually the hardest for most of us. We all know what that means…a poor diet and lack of exercise, BUT does it have to be that way?

NO! Its been almost a straight month of social gatherings yet Im fit and tight. How you ask? Dedication! Yes I indulged and enjoyed every moment I had with friends and family, I am a firm believer in taking advantage of such precious times but what I also did, was be sure to get my training in daily (even if it was a jog around my neighborhood) and also kept my eating clean every chance I got. Just because you are at a restaurant doesn’t mean you have to throw your eating habits out the window and indulge in the fettuccini alfredo…you always have choices, just make the best one.

Life will throw you curveballs and get in the way but its your consistency that will take you to where you want to be. No one is perfect in this world and therefore no diet or training regimen is perfect either. Don’t get down on yourself and think you have to give up, get right back on the wagon.

Im sure you have put hours in at the gym and food prep, why waste all of that?

“It is what you lift from the plate and pop into your mouth that either makes or breaks your hopes, endeavors and aspirations.” Bob Tough Love Kennedy


Tips to stay on track:

-get up 20minutes earlier and do a plyo circuit  before your day gets started

-order smart (steamed vegetables, dressing on the side of salads)

-alternate a glass of water with your beverage of choice

-suggest active activities to do with friends and family (ie walk, run, rollerblade, hike, participate in a charity event)

-eat clean snacks before attending bbq’s/dinners so you eat less of the bad stuff

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There is NO off-season

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August 9th, 2012 Posted 2:10 pm

We’ve all seen it….you admire a ‘fitness model’ from afar for her beautiful photos, her fitness titles, possibly even her magazine appearances. You think she is strong and admire her discipline and wish you could be just like her when one day you see her in person and you have to double-take….”is that who I think it is?” She looks nothing like her photos, possibly in worse shape than you currently are and to think, you have been beating yourself up over not being able to maintain this surreal physique in your day-to-day life. To make matters worse, she is most likely a “trainer” and teaching others healthy lifestyles….quite contradictory if I might say.

I cannot say that I have NEVER been a culprit to such ups and downs however I learned quickly and have never looked back. This is not to say that I do not enjoy a good burger and fries every now and then, but I also know the meaning of balance.

It is for this very reason that I will say time and time again, do not see things in an on/off-season perspective. This leads you to believe you are free of your vigorous training, strong will and disciplined diet when the truth is, all you free yourself of, is your health, fitness level and beloved physique that you have put hours of work into. IS IT WORTH IT? hardly. Are those few bites of deliciousness worth the stomach ache and bloat? Not likely.

I strongly believe that a happy and healthy life consists of the right balance. Find something that works for YOU. In my home, we eat clean all week long and while we do not designate weekends for a cheat per se, we will go out for a nice meal or have something we typically wouldnt have. While this routine may not work for everyone, it works for me as I am a creature of habit and like consistency. I cook clean eating recipes each night for dinner, always trying something new. This keeps things healthy, fun and adds variety!

Try to see things as a healthy lifestyle. You are a fit and healthy person regardless of the time of year. Yes, you will have to tighten the ropes to step on stage, but you should not have to lose 20 (or more) pounds to get there.  In my opinion, as a titled fitness competitor or model, or even worse yet a personal trainer,  is your ‘duty’ if you will, to live the life and walk the walk.


Dont be too hard on yourself. No one lives a perfect life however like I said, find balance. If you know a tough weekend is coming up, train/diet harder prior to. Once you form the habits, its really not hard. Its the change to get there that is the hard part. Know there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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How to stay on track through the summer months

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July 19th, 2012 Posted 9:16 am

As Manitobans, we treasure our beloved summer months knowing the severe winters are upon us. We all flock to pools, lakes, patios, etc to get our Vit D fixes but many of us also find ourselves getting “fixes” of other things as well; beer, sangria, BBQ, ice cream….are these the things that truly signify summer or are they merely mindless summer acts we have all become accustomed to?

I tweeted not too long ago ( ) ” What is your favorite non-food, non-drinking-related summer activity in Winnipeg?” I got ONE reply so I began to look a little closer at what those around me do to enjoy summer. I saw meals on patios, drinks on patios, beer and chip-packed coolers for the beach, BBQ’s consisting of junk…. basically every single activity led to food and alcohol. I for one, am frustrated. I have spent the past 6 years on/off dieting and all I want is to maintain but being surrounded with such habits is making things very difficult without having to feel like Im dieting again.

So I have decided to help not only Winnipeggers but everyone to keep their hard-earned health and physique’s this summer. First and foremost, be sure to get your workouts in each morning (There is nothing worse (IMO) than working out on a hot summer evening after spending hours in the sun). Be sure to have healthy meals prepped. And last but not least, dont be afraid to take control and plan something a little out of the ordinary with friends and family.

Here are some fun summer activities;

1.) Adrenaline Adventures (obstacle course, ziplining, xorbing, wake-boarding….all within minutes of your home

2.) Amaze in Corn (they also offer ziplining)

3.) Mini golf

4.) Grand Prix amusements (go-carts, batting cages, etc)

5.) Host a BBQ with yard games (and make clean eats)

6.) Take the beloved little ones in your life to splash parks or wading pools

7.) Fun Mountain (always a good time no matter your age)

8.) Hiking (just because you dont own a cottage doesnt mean you cant have some fun!)

9.) Rollerblading

10.) Biking

Some final tips on how to enjoy these savored summer months without feeling like the ‘boring-dieting-party-pooper;’

-choose your battles and eat/drink on occasion, not just for something to do

-plan ahead; eat before you head out, bring snacks

-get your workout in regardless

-encourage friends to be active too (ie maybe playing a game instead of lying on the beach)

-always carry your water and sip throughout the day

-listen to your mind, not your stomach while ordering (if you can, decide what you want before arriving to a restaurant)

-when you do order a drink, remove the straw…you’ll drink a lot slower! And alternate with water


If you have other ideas, please post on my twitter or facebook ( ) as Id LOVE to hear your ideas!


Thanks for reading.


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The Secret

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July 5th, 2012 Posted 11:17 pm

Its late at night and I cant sleep. Normally I am a wonderful sleeper, falling fast asleep quickly and never awaking until my alarm goes blaring in the morning. Tonight for some reason I sit here wide awake (wishing I could sleep as 4am comes much too quickly) and my mind is spinning.

Im not worrying or thinking of anything in particular which would be first thought for this situation im in, but my mind is racing about all things; business, family, friends, to-do lists and it wont stop. Tonight though, I don’t mind as all of the thoughts consuming me are positive ones. Nothing negative in my life to think about and for that, I am thankful.

I am a firm believer in the power of attraction. There are many books on it, the one that I first read was The Secret. The book came out into my first year of competing and changed my life completely. Some people think its hoaky but I don’t mind, it works for me! I am a naturally positive person but this belief has helped me to take my positivity even further. If I want something, I imagine it actually happening….what it looks like, what it feels like…I picture myself living what I want. Now hard work also plays a role here but there’s nothing like a little positive belief to help the stars align.

There are times when I get frustrated and I’ll stop myself and take a look at the past couple of days. What had my thoughts been and how had I been feeling? Most often than not I find myself in a negative state and it continues to attract negative attention to me. As soon as I realize this and make a conscious effort to switch back to positivity, things start to look up.

After my Glutes cover was released, something hit me that I had completely forgotten about. When I first read The Secret, it suggests that you create a board filled with all of the things you want most (keep in mind this was about 6 years ago while I was still attending university and living at home with my mom), the things I put on that board were; a dog, a house, a yellow rose, and an Oxygen cover….but not just any Oxygen cover, I just so happened to have their newest Glutes Special on hand and that is what was up on my board. I no longer have that board but when I remembered about it I was in shock. It seems as though all of those dreams have come true to me….I have 2 dogs, a beautiful home, roses growing in my backyard (which I did not plant) and a Glutes cover. I cant claim that I have been consciously working towards this specific board however subconsciously I continued trucking away at all of the things I wanted. Its like a horse with blinders on, I just set to my path and went for it. Now look at where I have landed.

Now its time for me to create another board. My mother asked me if my next goal was to have babies and become a domestic engineer. Funny thing is, I definitely want those things however Im not willing to give up just yet. I always thought my Oxygen cover would be the end-all for me. The spot in my life where I would feel fulfilled within the fitness industry but no, its left me wanting more. I feel like I just got my foot in the door and Im coming for more.

My new board will be my project over the next couple of weeks and this time, lets document it and see where this wonderful path of life leads me…..

Stay positive. Believe you will reach your goals. Imagine it a reality because dreams really do come true.

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